Dec 13, 2011

Prospect Update: BU Star Corey Trivino arrested on attempted rape charges

Isles 2008 2nd round pick Corey Trivino, who was evolving into a major prospect for the Islanders after a frustrating first three years at Boston University, was dismissed from the team earlier today. Trivino allegedly forced his way into the room of a Resident Assistant on three separate occasions throughout the night and groped/kissed the RA against her will. Trivino was arrested and may have charges brought up against him if the RA decides to go down that path.

AT: Very disappointing. Leading the Hockey East in goals this year after 3 disappointing years at BU, Trivino was really looking like a special player. Smart defensively, a nice release on his wrist shot, and a very Frans Nielsen-lite style of play. This is inexcusable, however. Trivino has had alcohol related problems in the past, where he was found to be drinking underage and subsequently showed up late to a disciplinary bike ride that the team had assigned him. I'm a realist, and I know college kids drink underage. I am a college student myself after all and so is Carey. We both know it's commonplace. Yet when you're a senior and it's your last season of college hockey, you need to straighten your act up and start acting like an adult. It's clear that Trivino has not done so yet. It's always possible he'll still be signed to an ELC by the Islanders, although the chances of that occurring seem quite lower now. There have been other players in the league who have come back from terrible incidents caused by their own will - Dany Heatley after his accident and Patrick Kane after the cabbie incident, to name a few - but it should be interesting to see what path the Islanders take with him.

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