Aug 6, 2011

Season Preview: Mitchell Theoret

Mitchell Theoret
Position: Center
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 196 lbs
Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Acquired: Draft, 7th round, 185th overall, 2011

2010-2011 Team: Niagara IceDogs
2010-2011 Stats: 9 G - 11 A - 20 P - 52 PIM
2011-2012 Team: Niagara IceDogs
Team Role: Top-9 Center

Last year: Theoret played a bottom 6 role last year, but still put up a respectable 20 points in the time he was given. He was still fairly young and on a team that has two great centers in fellow Islanders draftee Ryan Strome as well as Alex Friesen. Theoret was on the 4th line, but when injuries took their toll on the IceDogs depth chart, Theoret was able to become an effective power forward-esque type player. He was also known to be a very high character guy which we know Garth Snow is enamored with.

Expectations: Theoret will definitely be seeing more playing time this year. If he can find consistency in his game, it would not be surprising to see him slotted in on the 2nd line as a winger. With his skilled hands and effectiveness at creating scoring chances, Theoret could become quintessential to Niagara's 5-on-5 play. He still has time to prove himself, and with an advanced role this year, the opportunity to show what kind of player he is sits right in front of him.

Projections: 66 GP - 20 G - 22 A - 42 P


AT: The minute Theoret was picked, everyone knew it was most likely a favor to Strome as they had a very good connection and friendship back in Niagara which will continue to flourish once Strome and Theoret inevitably return to the OHL for the 2011-2012 season. However, with the scouting reports and with the play he has shown so far, Theoret could end up being a 7th round pick we love in the future. He will never be a Henrik Zetterberg, but a very solid 3rd line center or winger in the NHL is completely possible. It's up to him to take advantage of his increased playing time this year.

CH: I questioned this pick when it was made, because like Alex said the intentions of it were clear. However, showing loyalty is not necessarily a bad thing. When I saw Theoret at rookie camp, it was clear that he was more than just a sparkplug type. He can play a little too. It will be very interesting to see how he develops this year, if he sees time with Ryan Strome on a good Niagara team, and what kind of impact he makes. This is a big year to prove that Theoret was deserving of his pick.

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