Aug 2, 2011

Signing: Islanders Re-Sign Blake Comeau to 1 year, $2.5m deal

The Islanders announced they have re-signed forward Blake Comeau to a 1 year deal worth $2.5m, avoiding the August 4th arbitration date.

AT: First thing that came to my mind when I saw this was that he was getting traded. We all believed he was going to be included in some sort of deal for a top 4 defenseman, and with this sort of deal it sorts of confirms it. I believe he would still be an RFA after this deal is up since he is only 25, and that sets up a perfect sign and trade sort of situation for whoever he's being traded to. Obviously, this is all conjecture right now, but a deal like this screams of a trade. If so, we wish you the best, Blake. A major trade is exactly what the Isles need in order to prevent fans from jumping off the ledge at this point.

CH: I have to agree with Alex here. Comeau had a breakout season with 24 goals and 22 assists last season. As a result, his value as at an all-time high and now that he is on a one-year deal at a very reasonable price range, he gives potential suitors both roster flexibility and potential production. If the Islanders are going to focus on acquiring a top-4 defenseman, Comeau is almost sure to be a main piece of that deal. We should final out relatively soon if that is the route they decide to go, potentially even happening as soon as tomorrow.

However, there is of course the chance the Islanders decide to keep Comeau this season. For a guy who played the majority of last season with linemates such as Jesse Joensuu, Jon Sim, Rob Schremp, and a struggling Josh Bailey, Comeau still put up a very productive season, tallying his first 20-goal season. It would not surprise me in the least to see the Islanders keep Comeau, with hopes the 25 year old can expand on his breakout.

I would place the odds of Comeau staying or going at 50/50, to be perfectly honest. I would not surprised to see him traded, nor would I be surprised to see him kept. This is very much a wait-and-see situation, but for all we know, we could even find out tomorrow.

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