Jul 4, 2011

Arena: NY Daily News Editorial

An editorial in the New York Daily News today, which you can find here, came out with more misinformation about Ed Mangano and Charles Wang's plan to re-develop the Nassau Coliseum and it's surrounding areas. 

CH: To start, the author (who is anonymous) failed to realize that both the Mets and Yankees used public funds to construct Citi Field and Yankee Stadium, respectively. Secondly, the Islanders have already offered to cover all the overages regarding the arena AND have offered to be 70% of the debt service without a cent that enters the new Nassau Coliseum. But everyone reading this blog knows that.

Here we are in another situation where misinformation is being spread. Here we are in another situation where excuses are being made as to why we should not act. And here we are in another situation where an author recommends the growth of Nassau County should continue to stagnate. That is why I brought this editorial onto the blog. Not because the facts are right (they aren't), but to show the ignorance of authors that think they have the answers to anything (doing nothing), when the real answer is standing in front of their face.

The bigger question is why the Daily News, a newspaper with integrity, decided to post on this, but that's for another day. The fact is these are the articles we will see for the next month, and it's up to us to start discrediting the wrong information and start informing those with the facts. Because the facts are what is going to get this arena built, and the facts are what will keep our New York Islanders in Nassau County.

AT: The comments section seems to be rife with people on our side, so I suppose that's one positive to take out of it. But the fact that the NYDN, a paper which is supposedly credible, would put up an article like this is ridiculous. They should be ashamed of themselves. This is precisely why I avoid the NYDN and the Post like the plague.  People will NEVER be happy with this. It wasn't good enough that Wang wanted to pay for his first project entirely on his own. Now that he can't do that, he's doing it in a way that will pay back taxpayers and ensure the consistency of NVMC revenue for 30 more years after 2015. It's no surprise that this "editorial", if you can even call it that, was made anonymously. Any journalist who did this little fact checking should be banned from any credible paper. It's time to hit up the PR machine, Mr. Wang. Get commercials out, send out fliers, stage rallies. Do whatever you need to do. We all hate when something so important to us gets mucked up in the political arena, but that is the reality of the situation. Don't let others do this for you. The time of lethargy is over. Wang, the Islanders, and all of us reading this are going to be responsible for getting this done.

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