Jul 8, 2011

News: Blake Comeau's Aribtration Hearing Set

According to Katie Strang, Islanders F Blake Comeau's arbitration hearing is set for August 4, which is last on the docket, even after stars like Zach Parise and Shea Weber.

New York Islanders
CH: With the obvious vote on August 1, I almost wonder if the Isles requested this date, without guarantees of course. This will give them a couple of days after the vote to try and work out a deal. As Strang said in the article, the two sides ave not had discussions yet. Not surprising, as there is no rush and Comeau is getting married next week. More than anything, this is just a notification post with a hint of baseless speculation.

AT: Absolutely no rush. I'm sure he'll get a fair deal and both sides seem to want one done. The date certainly is interesting though. We'll see where the situation lies once the vote is over.

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