Jul 6, 2011

Speculation: What's Next?:The Trade Route

As the July 4th holiday has now passed and the Islanders roster remains the same, here are some possibilities the Islanders may explore to add the top-4 defenseman they sorely need this coming season.

1. Keith Yandle - Phoenix Coyotes - Contract: 5 yrs/26 million
While Yandle did sign an extension yesterday, he is not eligible for a NTC so if the Isles severely overpay, they may have a chance at enticing Phoenix to make a move. After the signed extension, however, it doesn't seem likely.

2. Zach Bogosian - Winnipeg Jets - Contract: RFA
The Jets have stated there are no plans to trade Bogosian, but they are also far apart on contract talks. It would make no sense to publicly put Bogosian on the block, but even if there is no shot of trading him, Snow should inquire anyway.

3. Mike Green - Washngton Capitals - Contract: 1 yr/5.25 million
Green has his faults for sure, but the chance to add someone as dynamic as Green does not come every day. The Caps are very close to the cap, and you almost get the sense they are not as enamored with Green as they once were. If they are looking, to shed salary, the Isles could come calling.

4. Jeff Schultz - Washington Capitals - Contract: 3 yrs/2.75 million
Like Green, if the Capitals want or need to shed salary, Schultz could be had and with a lower price than Green, who is an RFA after the year. Schultz is a very solid defenseman at a very affordable price.

5. Keith Ballard - Vancouver Canucks - Contract: 4 yrs/4.2 million
Ballard's play really suffered in his first year with the Canucks, in which he fell out of favor with coach Alain Vigneault over the course of the year. GM Mike Gillis said Ballard will get a fresh start with Vancouver this year, but I'm sure the team would love to shed his salary.

6. Jordan Leopold - Buffalo Sabres - Contract: 2 yrs/3 million
The Sabres are literally at the cap and may need to make a decision on who to keep and who to get rid of. Garth Snow and Darcy Regier just made a deal for the rights to Christian Ehrhoff so maybe they get together and strike a deal for this solid defenseman.

7. Andrej Sekera - Buffalo Sabres - Contract: RFA
Sekera is headed to arbitration, which means he could be a cap casualty of the Sabres. If they do decide to let him go, expect Snow to be on the call. Sekera is an extremely underrated defenseman.

8. Cory Sarich - Calgary Flames - Contract: 1 yr/3.6 million
Sarich is declining, but he still is solid and fits the need of the Isles perfectly. If other options run try, maybe Snow turns to Jay Feaster and checks on the availability of Sarich.

9. Jay Bouwmeester - Calgary Flames - Contract: 3 yrs/6.68 million
Bouwmeester hasn't panned out the Flames have liked him to, and I'm sure Feaster would love to unload his contract. It's hefty, but Bouwmeester is a definite top-4 guy. The only question would be if he could find his game on Long Island.

10. Rob Scuderi - Los Angeles Kings - Contract: 2 yrs/3.4 million
It's very possible this Long Island boy could be on his way home if the Kings exceed their budget as they try and re-sign Drew Doughty. Definitely capable of top-4 minutes, he is exactly what the Isles are looking for.

11. Pavel Kubina - Tampa Bay Lightning - Contract: 1 yr/3.85 million
Not quite sure if the Lightning want to give him up, but if they need the money while they try and sign Steven Stamkos, he could be the guy to go. Another player that fits the Isles needs perfectly.

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