Sep 21, 2011

Arena: ABLI Announces New Coliseum Plan

Randi Marshall from Newsday reports a new plan for the site of the Nassau Coliseum, this time created by the Association of Better Long Island. The plan is for $347 million, all privately funded, and includes $100 million for renovations of the Nassau Coliseum. The Coliseum will supposedly be made larger and taller, and will include extra seats and suites. According to the article, the plan also includes a minor league baseball stadium, ice rink, a parking garage, and retail/restaurant space.

The ABLI has not reached out to Charles Wang yet. However, County Executive Ed Mangano is aware of the potential plan.

Nassau County expects to call for a formal proposal stage before the end of the year.

CH: And here we go again. Without getting into the gory details, mostly because there are not, there's not much else to say other than I support any means to keep the Islanders in Nassau County (and New York as a whole). If that means sleeping with the enemy (in this case the ABLI), so be it. This certainly qualifies as "exploring all options," so I hope Charles Wang sits down and listens to what these guys have to say. But for now, there's not much else to report. This is the plan they are proposing. While the renovation may be a lowball for now, there's no reason to say that won't go up if it ever gets finalized. If they do end up winning the RFP, then so be it. I will be there rooting for it to get done for the Islanders and for Nassau County. The time of political and personal grudges needs to end. It's time to work together.

AT: As Carey said, even if it means getting involved with ABLI, who spearheaded the defeat of the referendum in August for what mostly seemed to be their own personal goals, I'm all for any plan to keep the Islanders in Nassau County. This can't be about personal relationships and feuds, it has to be about keeping those tax dollars on Long Island, not in Brooklyn or Queens. Hopefully both sides can suck up their pride and get something done so that a shovel is in the ground and a new or renovated coliseum is done in time for the 2015-2016 season. If not, the only people that will be hurting will be the fans and Nassau County residents once again.

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