Sep 16, 2011

Training Camp: Isles Cut Four Rookies

The Islanders announced Friday they have cut four players from rookie camp: Art Bidlevskii, Brenden Kichton, Andrey Pedan, and John Persson. 

Kichton and Persson will return to their WHL teams (Spokane and Red Deer, respectively). Pedan will return to Guelph in the OHL. Bidlevskii becomes a free agent after completing four junior seasons.

The Islanders completed their first day of off-ice workouts and physicals on Friday. They hit the ice for their first practice on Sunday.

CH: No real surprises here. The junior league seasons are beginning to ramp up over the next week or so, so the Isles probably thought it would be better for those players to go and develop from (essentially) day one with their teams.

All four players had their moments in the rookie game. Persson had a solid goal and played decently well with Kirill Kabanov and Casey Cizikas. Pedan was stellar at times, especially on the penalty kill using his size. Kichton was unspectacular, but solid. Bidlevskii was one of the players who fought at the beginning of the game on Tuesday, trying to make a statement. But overall, for the players of who the Isles own rights to, this is for the best.

AT: Definitely no surprises. Bidlevskii had a nice scrap in the second rookie game but when you're below several others on the tough guy depth chart, you're probably not going to be making a team about to make the next big jump. As for the rest, we know the potential (especially in Pedan), and they'll be able to train full time for their junior clubs in order to fully prepare for the coming season. You'll see more of these cuts coming in the next few days and week.

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