Sep 14, 2011

Former Islanders: Hunter, Trottier, Kessel Updates

Former New York Islander forward Trent Hunter has accepted an offer from the Los Angeles Kings to come to training camp on a pro tryout basis. After a multitude of injuries over the past few seasons and dwindling skills, Hunter was traded by the Islanders to New Jersey for Brian Rolston and then bought out by the Devils, becoming a free agent.  

AT: I always liked Trent from his time at Bridgeport to his outstanding rookie campaign, but his time to leave the Islanders had come. It's unfortunate what had happened to him and his health, but that is simply how pro sports go. I'm glad another team (and a team that will definitely compete this year) is giving him a shot, and I hope that a guy like Trent, who was one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, finds a permanent home. Best wishes to Mr. Hunter!

It was also reported that Islander legend Bryan Trottier is part of a group helmed by Max Chambers (who once attempted to buy the Phoenix Coyotes) attempting to buy the St. Louis Blues. 

AT: The Blues have been up for sale for a while now, but I'm very happy that Trottier is not only attempting to stay in the hockey world, but be a part of an ownership team so he can once again have a team he can call his own. After attempting to coach without much success, it looks like that time has come once again. Best of luck to Trotts in his business endeavors and we hope the Blues become very successful under his group's ownership. Except when they play the Islanders, of course.

Finally, former Islander prospect Blake Kessel signed an entry level contract with the Philadelphia Flyers. The former UNH defenseman was a sixth-round draft pick by the Islanders in 2007. He opted not to sign with the team by finding a rarely used loophole in the NHL CBA.

CH: No harm, no foul. Kessel is an average prospect, and should get some good playing time on a bad Adirondack team. The reality of the situation is that while the Islanders could use him (who can ever have enough depth?), he probably saw how crowded the chart is becoming and opted to go test the free agent waters instead of joining the competition. Of course, it took him until September - so he's probably just happy to have a job now.

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