Sep 21, 2011

Season Preview: Mike Mottau

Mike Mottau

Position: Defenseman
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 lbs
Birthdate: March 19th, 1978 (33 years old)
Birthplace: Quincy, Massachusetts, US
Acquired: Signed Free Agent, 2010

2010-2011 Team: New York Islanders
2010-2011 Stats: 20 GP - 0 G - 3 A - 3 P - 8 PIM
2011-2012 Team: New York Islanders
Team Role: 6th/7th D-Man

Last year: Signed on an emergency basis after the injury to Mark Streit, Mottau had an okay year with the Islanders. He was never expected to be more than nor did he play like more than a bottom pairing d-man, but he did so efficiently on a team that was decimated with injuries. He played a somewhat solid game until he was struck with an injury of his own when he was hit in the eye with a puck on November 21st, ending his season prematurely.

Expectations: Mottau should be filling the 7th d-man role, but if no other d-man is chosen to fill the 6th spot, no trade is made or Steve Staios wins it out, Mottau will take the 6th spot in the depth chart. He's a veteran to the game and was always known to be a very steady defender for the Devils, so we can expect a very similar style of play in a full season with Mottau. If he can stay healthy, he is a very stable d-man, and can help provide solid defense in the back end. It is more likely than anything however that he will fill the 7th D spot as intended.

Projections: 36 GP - 2 G - 4 A - 6 P


AT: After Streit's freak accident injury, Mottau provided a pretty solid 20 minute game as a bottom pairing D-man. I do however believe that if placed in the permanent 6th d-man position, the Islanders are going to have a very tough time. He is great as a substitute, but not so much in the permanent bottom pairing role. I'm not saying we're going to be dead last if he's the 6th d-man, but if we're attempting to make the playoffs this year we're going to need to strive for a little better.

CH: The fact is that Mottau did not have a great first year with the Islanders. However, he has put together solid seasons before with the Devils, so there is potential for a serviceable NHL player there. That said, Alex is right. Mottau coming in as a 7th or even 8th defenseman on the depth chart would be ideal. Mottau will certainly be in consideration for the final starting spot though, alongside Ty Wishart, Steve Staios, and Calvin de Haan to a much lesser extent. But the fact is the Isles need a bigger upgrade for that sixth spot than what Mottau can give. Chances are he puts in an adequate season coming wdown from the press box as needed, but anything over 15 minutes for him per game will be pushing his limit.

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