Jun 2, 2011

Arena: LI Herald Editorial Wonders Why NVMC Plan Is Rushed

An editorial published today in the Long Island Herald wonders why the plan to redevelop the Nassau Coliseum and its surrounding area is being rushed to completion. A major complaint in the article says the required information has not been released at this point. The author also defended Legislator Wayne Wink's proposed amendment to move the referendum back to Election Day, which is November 8. The end of the editorial reads as follows:
There’s no denying that shorter-term construction jobs would help county laborers and related tradesmen and their families, and that in turn would help fill the county’s coffers with sales tax revenue. We are not dismissing those as positive accomplishments. But development at the Hub needs long-term vision, and we don’t see the promised grand improvement in this unspecific plan. More of the same is not what Nassau County needs.
CH: Get used to these articles because this is going to be par for the course from detractors leading up to the August 1st vote. Thankfully, no "formal" opposition has spawn yet. However, there are still very legitimate concerns outlined in the article that need to be addressed, such as the lack of information released so far. Charles Wang and County Executive Ed Mangano have stated details of the Coliseum plan will be released sometime this month. Expect those details to be scrutinized. While the County eagerly awaits these details, it's comments like the excerpted paragraph that show how close-minded some residents in Nassau County are. The Islanders signing a lease for thirty years with a new arena is a long-term vision for that site. A minor league ballpark is a long-term vision for that site. Smaller scale redevelopment of the rest of the site is sure to follow after construction is completed of the main components. Pushing this project through is exactly the opposite of what has been status quo at that site for years. It's time to bring Long Island into the 21st century.

AT: The Lighthouse would've been a great "long term vision" for the county that wouldn't have cost the town a cent. Housing, shopping, a new arena and a major tourist location. Wang didn't want this current plan, he just settled for it. He wanted the entire area redeveloped because he LOVES Long Island and wants his team to succeed. I honestly have to wonder sometimes if certain people just live to contradict others..

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