Jun 16, 2011

Vote YES: The Campaign Has Started

In light of all of the negativity we have seen in recent days through publications, critics, and opponents, the Vote YES campaign has been given a great opportunity. We are starting a grass-roots marketing campaign, which will stem from our Twitter and Facebook accounts. Our goal is to get the names of everyone who is committed to voting YES on August 1. This list will then be forwarded to the Nassau County legislature and NIFA for their consideration.

We ask for your name and address, with this pledge to vote yes on August 1. “I pledge to vote FOR the redevelopment of the Nassau Coliseum site and development of a minor league ballpark on August 1, 2011.”

You can send these e-mails to voteyesnyiarena@gmail.com, We understand and respect your privacy, so if you are concerned, please do not feel obligated to do this. We ask for 2 simple ground rules:

1) If you are not a Nassau Resident, please do not send us anything. You can still help though! It doesn’t have to be just your name. Family members, friends are all encouraged!

2) Do not give us fake addresses or names. We understand that NIFA can check the validity of the information given. We do not want the validity of this to be ruined. But feel free to send us as many names and addresses as you want, as long as they are real.

Again, do not feel obligated to participate. It’s encouraged, as we need all the help we can get, but we respect your privacy.

Thank You,
Alex Tessler & Carey Haber