Jun 5, 2011

Draft: NHL Draft Combine Held This Past Week

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Last week, the NHL Draft Combine took place in Toronto. The prospects come in for the week and interview with whichever NHL organizations want to talk to them, complete fitness testing, and get to know the other draft prospects. This post will be the first of many dialoguing our thoughts on the June 24 draft. 

If you want to read more about the Draft Combine, please visit TSN for videos and articles on the process.

CH: The draft is probably my favorite part of the hockey year other than the games. I have gotten very into the process even before the Islanders rebuild started, as it is always fun to see how happy these players become when they hear their names called. This year, the draft could go in 100 different directions, and that's just being mild. From an Islander standpoint, all we know is Garth Snow will choose the player he feels best fits the Islanders. The top 8 projected picks are listed on the right sidebar, but we've now heard that Mika Zibenajad, a Swedish center is rising fast much like Ryan Johansen did last year. We will be profiling each of the top 10 prospects before the draft as well as giving a composite, which will serve as our rankings, of a few different rankings before the draft.

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