Jun 28, 2011

Trade: Islanders trade 4th round pick for the negotiating rights to Christian Ehrhoff

According to TSN's Bob McKenzie, the Islanders have traded a 4th round pick for the negotiating rights to defenseman Christian Ehrhoff. The 28 year old German had 14 goals, 36 assists and 50 points and was a major part of Vancouver's incredibly tough defense last year.

AT: Wow. Wow wow wow! I'm still in utter shock about this. While this may not necessarily mean he's going to sign, it shows to me that Garth is ready, willing and able to sign top tier players in order to get to the next level. Ehrhoff was a major part of Vancouver's defense and would be the EXACT player the Isles need to put in the #2 slot next to Streit. This kind of move, if completed, would show the NHL that the Islanders mean business and do not plan to be on the bottom of the barrel in terms of salary cap anymore. You have to think Garth had some indication that this deal can get done, so all we can do now for the next few days is pray. The deal he'd be getting would probably be bigger than what he'd get elsewhere as we certainly have the room to sign him. We're back, baby!

CH: Wait, what?!? Complete shocker and an absolute sign the Islanders are going for it. Obviously, it's going to be a tough sell to get Ehrhoff signed, but if it gets done the Isles have the roster potential to do some serious damage this season. Ehrhoff is arguably the best defenseman left on the market, and for Snow to pull a move like this shows aggressiveness and confidence. I am absolutely thrilled right now. We'll obviously have way more on these developments through the night and tomorrow, but this is the bold move Alex and I have been talking about. Get him signed and the Islanders will have their credibility jolt and their talent jolt.

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